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Hello everyone!

Thanks to all who made the effort to read my blog posts for the past year but now it’s time for a change. I’ll be moving most of the posts here to Blogger @

I’ve privatized my previous posts so there isn’t double posting happening between here and there. Feel free to book mark the page if you’d like since there will be much more updates over there 😉


Overview of HIV & AIDS | Genital Herpes

I write for Infobarrel, a site that gathers many writers who wish to compose articles of various topics. Interestingly enough, when I looked at the stats the other day, there is more interest in the articles discussing STI/STDs that I wrote. It definitely taught me a thing or two about what’s going on in the world.

That being said, I decided to begin a resource point for STIs and so far, articles discussing Herpes and HIV/AIDS are up. If you’re interested, please check it them out:

Some of the facts I learned after research were astounding. Perhaps there is something that you could learn or perhaps someone you know can benefit from the information. 70% of HIV infected individuals reside in Sub Saharan Africa and I find this incredibly sad. Infections happen because of a lack of education. Here’s hoping with mobile apps and what not, individuals will strive to educate themselves on the matter.

Opened Eyes: The Hate Against Feminism

I have a dear friend who has always been passionate about feminism. It was something I never really understood when I was younger and thought, ‘is the world that much against women?’. 

After I traveled to Uganda, my mind opened up considerably, or so I thought. Yesterday evening, I came across a Facebook Page titled ‘Feminine Hypocrisy‘. 

Needless to say, my mind was opened further.

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Simon Fraser University Banquet: Motivation Ahoy!

Yesterday evening, I had the fortune of attending one of the top MBA school’s – Simon Fraser University – banquet held for dignitaries.

My good friend received the Shrum medal for her academic and volunteer achievements. She was then invited to the banquet and her prior guest didn’t wish to attend. So I was invited instead. I was hesitant but went.

And I am glad I did because I directly and indirectly met amazing individuals, among them were Kim Campbell, David Baines, Dr. Steven Pinker & Dr. John Maeda.

These individuals have contributed significantly to the community and I regret wasting an opportunity last night!

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Ups and Downs of Freelancing

Temporary employment has been a struggle in the past few months and finally, after a handful of frustrating jobs, I went into the field of freelancing, hoping for something better.

Well, it is something I enjoy but as with every job, it has its downfalls. I have had numerous employers and of them, only 4 have been decent individuals. Kinda sad, eh?

But what do I mean by decent?

People who have proper work etiquette and not a God complex.

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What Would You Do? (#1)

Shadow Dance

I’ve looked over my stats and it’s flattering to see that people are interested enough in my posts to spend time reading them. I’m not entirely sure who truly follows my blog and I’d like to get to know some, if not all, of my readers. 

So, for the sake of me understanding you better, tell me your opinion of this scenario:

You love a particular actor and have watched every single minor and major film starring them. Recently, you’ve heard rumours about this actor being incredibly racist and thinks their ethnicity is superior to all. Unfortunately, racism is something you do not advocate for. So the question is: would you continue watching this actor’s films & other works?

Don’t be shy, everyone 😉